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Interested in engaging with archaeologists? Then you may want to attend Living Archaeology Weekend, visit a Kentucky state park, visit a National Park, and or contact your local university to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

​L​iving Archaeology Weekend

Living Archaeology Weekend is an award-winning, immersive experience in Kentucky's famous Red River Gorge. Since 1989, Living Archaeology Weekend has provided visitors of all ages a program of high-quality, interactive demonstrations on American Indian and Pioneer technologies and lifeways, archaeological methods, and cultural resource preservation. 

The event challenges stereotypes about American Indians and Pioneer people by using archaeological evidence to inform diverse demonstrations of the region's Native and Pioneer technologies and lifeways. Visitors learn about the area's rich cultural traditions and gain insights into past people's lives and experiences. Living Archaeology Weekend explores the contributions our ancestors made to our lives today -- and honors their legacy by preserving their stories and technologies for future generations. 

The free in-person event is held every year on the third weekend in September at the Gladie Visitor Center in the beautiful Red River Gorge of eastern Kentucky. A wide range of educational materials, including a new video series, supports educators and students year-round.

​​Building Blocks of History

​​Riverside: The Farnsley-Mormen Landing has several oppotunities for students, adults and families to participate in archaelogical research through its Building Blocks of History program and family volunteer days.​

​​Wickliffe Mounds 

Wickliffe Mounds has a museum, welcome center, gift shop, trails and picnic areas. Come see us!​

Thin​gs To Do

1. See Mounds built by Native People of the Mississippian culture.
2. Learn about the archaeological site of a Native American village.
3. View exhibits of pottery, stone tools, artifacts and park history.

Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site​