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​We would like to take this opportunity to thank Kim McBride who prepared several of the historic archaeology site profiles, Justin Carlson, Eric Schlarb, Matthew Davidson, and Rachel Hensler who prepared some of the Archaic and Woodland site profiles,  John Endinino of Eastern Kentucky University who contributed the Grizzly Newt site profile, Edward Henry of Colorado State University who reviewed and commented on the Earthwalker and LeBus Circle site profiles, and Claiborne Daniel Sea of the University of Alabama who reviewed and commented on the Singer site profile.​ Several of the site profiles are shortened versions of longer profiles prepared by Voyager Media Group.  We also would like to acknowledge the efforts of A. Gwynn Henderson whose editing of the site profiles greatly improved their readability and in so doing made them more accessible to the general public.  

We also would like to thank, Lisa Guerre, Curator of Archaeology at the William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology who assisted us in tracking down several photographs.  Thanks also to Anthony Ortmann of Murray State University,  Thomas Jennings of the University of Louisville, and Don Miller of Northern Kentucky University for the illustrations they provided.  Most of the high quality artifact photographs are attributable to Hayward Wilkirson and David McBride.    Thanks also to Anne Tobbe Bader whose feedback on the general content of the site profiles is greatly appreciated.​.

We also would like to thank Joshua Wiscup and Les Campbell of Kentucky Interactive for their help in designing and updating this website.  Thanks also to Nicole Konkol of the Kentucky Heritage Council, and Daniel Davis and Susan Neumeyer of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for their assistance and patience as we navigated university and state bureaucracies, a move from the University of Kentucky to Western Kentucky University, and the challenges wrought by a pandemic.

Finally,​ we would like to thank all of the Kentucky archaeologists who for more than 100 years have worked to document and report on the Commonwealth's rich archaeological heritage.  We have done our best to summarize and characterize your work, and we apologize in advance if we have mischaracterized your interpretations.

David Pollack and Jay Stottman

Kentucky Archaeological Survey​​